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  • alliant

    Controls Engineer

    Electrical control design and commissioning for material handling and baggage handling systems


    Company / Location of position
    Alliant Technologies
    Arlington, TX

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    • Understand project schedule and objectives.
    • Understand project requirements by studying project specifications, customer requirements, and performance standards.
    • Follow Alliant’s standards in electrical controls design, PLC programming and commissioning.
    • Contribute to team effort by participating in assigned engineering activities.
    • Communicate with project engineer and/or project manager regarding progress or problems related to the project.
    • Confirm product performance by conducting verification tests.
    • Ensure quality on all engineering deliverables.
    • Keep standardization high and constantly improve processes.
    • Keep current with technology.
    • Any other task as directed by management.

    Responsibility and Authority

    •  Complete assigned tasks on time and within allocated budget while maintaining high output quality, customer satisfaction, engineering process, engineering quality.
    • Authority: Engineering technical decisions within spec compliance and Alliant’s standards.


    • B.S. Electrical Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.
    • Demonstrated experience in the baggage handling industry or materials handling industry strongly preferred.
    • Strong analytical, verbal, and written communications skills.

    Language Ability

    Adequate conversational English is required in order that the individual be able to take direction from management, understand how to complete job tasks, communicate adequately with co-workers and customers, understand and follow safety guidelines, and understand the Alliant Technologies Employee Handbook and all company policies. Must be able to interpret written warnings as posted in all work areas in both the Alliant Technologies office or at any work site where Alliant Technologies performs work.


    • 5+ years controls experience designing controls systems, commissioning, and troubleshooting PLC industrial control systems (e.g. Rockwell, Square D, and Siemens) and their industrial networks (e.g. ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus, and Ethernet).
    • Competency with field installation supervision, monitoring Electrical installation subcontractors, and closing of jobs.

    Contact Information

    Email resume to: