Young Professionals Challenge Competition

The International Association of Baggage System Companies (IABSC) is hosting a competition to generate new ideas from young professionals in the aviation industry and drive interest in helping to find solutions to the challenges we see coming soon. We are partnering with the Airport Consultants Council (ACC) Young Professionals program to broaden the participant pool and diversify the disciplines and experience people may bring. This is a separate event from the ACC YP Innovation Challenge.

Initial Problem Statement

Airline travel is expected to double in the next 20 years in the US. With aging infrastructure and limited capital budgets, accommodating this growth cannot be as simple as doubling the size of current US Airports due to limited time and resources. Additionally, as infrastructure gets larger and more spread out, customer levels of service can suffer. What processes, technology, or other tools/resources would you use to accommodate this growth in passengers and baggage at the same or better level of customer service in roughly the same footprint that Airports occupy now?

Phase 1 – Quantify the Problem (Sept-Dec 2018)

Form teams and define and present your team’s take on the problem statement at a level where laymen and all stakeholders can understand the impact. The deliverable could be a drawing, a picture, a short paper, a short video, whatever the participants believe delivers the message.

Phase 2 – Research, Develop, and Propose Solutions (Jan-Jun 2019)

Deliver a video no longer than 20 minutes quantifying the problem and outlining your proposal. Explain how your solution impacts both the resulting customer experience and baggage handling process.


1-4 Young Professionals (under 35 years old) plus a Mentor from the IABSC Board or Membership


$5,000 to winning team