IABSC Hall of fame awards

Recognizing Industry Achievements

The IABSC’s annual awards program recognizes individuals or companies for exemplary service in the baggage handling industry in areas of Innovation, and Lifetime Achievement.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award is to recognize key accomplishments in bringing innovation or change to the Baggage Handling System industry. It will be awarded for technical invention of componentry or systems that created broad-spread adoption throughout the baggage handling industry. Such items could include RFID, DCV/ICS technology, pusher/diverter sort systems , tilt tray, Upper-level SCADA, network communications, etc., or setting specification standards. The award honors individuals, teams, companies and/or organizations who have created or implemented key changes, programs, or practices with technical innovation to improve BHS performance and ROI. 

2021 Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Our Members voted for a collaborative effort for the research and development of linear checked baggage inspection systems.

Between 2001 and 2003, Southwest Airlines led by Michael P. Golden, and VTC led by Victor H. Thompson studied the physical, operational, and system parameters and challenges related to checked baggage inspection systems. This led to the development of linear baggage screening systems.

Linear systems and many of the design principals developed in those early days went on to become the industry standard and the foundation of TSA’s (PGDS) Planning Guidelines and Design Standards. All future system architecture and refinements have been based on this foundation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is to recognize the champions, pioneers, leaders, ambassadors and influencers in the BHS industry. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to those who consistently demonstrate leadership, mentorship of individuals, successful service in a variety of roles, significant contribution to industry standards and professional associations, etc., over a significant period of time. This individual is one who has exhibited leadership through vision and has had a significant impact on industry direction, trends and contributions to trade organizations such as the IABSC, AAAE, ACI, ACC, PGDS IWG and the TSA.

Award Recipients will have displayed or provided impact to the baggage industry with a core goal to always be improving and demonstrating that the status quo is never good enough. The ability to see where process and product are needed; have the vision to refine a new concept or process, and follow it through development and implementation for the benefit of the entire industry, are key elements in consideration for this award.

It is a recognition of those who have contributed time, talent and commitment, who are industry icons known for ethics, loyalty and talent. This person will have imparted their impact on customers and colleagues and raised the level of awareness of the vital role of BHS throughout the commercial aviation industry. This award may be awarded posthumously.

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

Danny Bearden

This award goes to Danny Bearden who for more than 31 years, help shape the direction of the baggage handling industry. This gentleman was one of the initial sponsors and contributors of the IABSC. He was a trusted friend and mentor of many industry champions and was passionate about the personal and professional growth of his colleagues.

Among his many accomplishments, he was instrumental in developing and introducing the AMP Miser belting product to the industry which has saved the airlines and airports untold dollars in energy saving costs.

Bruce McMickle

Bruce McMickle has been a force in the baggage handling industry for almost 40 years, having worked for Stearns, Matflex, Siemens and Forbo-Siegling.

He was one of the founding fathers of the IABSC and has help guide this organization as Chair and Board Member for nearly 14 years.

As a founding member of the IABSC, Bruce took on the role of President with an eye toward growing the organization into a thriving network of professionals and was an accomplished advocate for baggage handling systems within the aviation industry. His networking, leadership and perseverance expanded membership of the organization by tenfold and provided the foundation the current IABSC is built on today.

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