TSA Officially Released PGDS v5.0 on august 25, 2015

The design principles and methods in the PGDS incorporate the insights and experience of TSA and industry stakeholders, including airport and airline representatives, planners, architects, baggage handling system designers, and equipment manufacturers. The PGDS is intended to assist planners and designers in developing cost-effective solutions, and to convey the TSA’s requirements for checked baggage inspection systems. The PGDS emphasizes the best practices that are associated with baggage screening system layouts and addresses other factors necessary to actively manage system costs and performance.

Based on feedback from the industry, the PGDS has now been formatted to differentiate requirements from best practices with a focus on system performance. Requirements tables can now be found at the beginning of each chapter and the statements themselves have been underlined in the text.

TSA welcomes comments to the PGDS Version 5.0 from industry stakeholders and will continue to coordinate with the aviation industry to periodically update the PGDS.

Comments and suggestions should be sent to pgds@tsa.dhs.gov .