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2022 Board of Directors

Introducing your newly elected IABSC Board of Directors Mark Baker, Regional Manager, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES I am a Regional Manager for Southwest Airlines with specific duties

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2021 IABSC Mini Summit

IABSC MINI-SUMMIT IABSC Technology & Innovation Committee will host a one-day, mini-summit titled, “BHS Optimization Through Data-Driven Maintenance”.   With today’s modern airports becoming progressively

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September Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude – OEM Showcase The International Association of Baggage Handling Companies held its 2nd in-person meeting Friday, September 10th, in Dallas, TX.  With numerous

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July Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude – BHS Consultants Roundtable: The commercial aviation market in the United States continues to increase coming into the summer period. This month, the

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June Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude: Managing Industry Supply Chain Challenges June 10, 2021 IABSC Meeting Recap Over the past few weeks, the US aviation sector has begun to

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May Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude- Adapting to Customers’ Needs As we continue on our journey of Regaining Altitude, we understand the importance of adapting to customers’ needs to

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April Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude: Future Projects The April 8, 2021, IABSC monthly meeting marked a Member Spotlight and the presentations of four airports which have planned expansions

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March Meeting Recap

Regaining Altitude: Managing the Metrics (KPIs) March 11th- IABSC Virtual Meeting Regaining Altitude: Managing the Metrics (KPIs) We want to thank all Member and Guest

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